• Description
    Caffeine from coffee seed which burn the fat deeply and can feel the firmness and better shape evidently along with Carnitine to transform the fat to be the energy to use within the body that result of two time better shape. Furthermore, there is the ingredient of Spirulina algae which recover the skin and rebuild white skin and increase the collagen and Vitamin B1-B12 to brighten the skin as well as remove the denatured skin by massaged as well. The smell of coffee will provide the relaxing feeling at the same time.
    Uskin Signature Fit&Firm Body Tightening Body Cream is suitable for the person who need to fit their shape and extremely shatter cellulite in any part.
Main Ingredients
  • Carnitine 1% is synthesized quaternary compound of ammonia from two amino acids; Lysine and Methionine which transform the fat accumulated in any part of body to be energy. So its activity like the fat burner.
  • Caffeine can cut the fat smaller and transform to be energy
  • Spirulina Platensis Extract can decrease the cholesterol, keeping the shape, tighten the skin, provide skin food, repair, enhance Vitamin and mineral to skin, rebalance the skin which allow the internal skin layer operate systematically.
  • Soy Isoflavones (Soybean extract) is the nutrition benefit to skin which can recover the skin to be brightened, non-acne. It consists of antioxidant with efficiency in strengthening the skin, enhance internal skin layer including collagen, elastin which result of tightened skin, flexible and smoothened.
How to use
    Massage the cream at the required area at least 15 minutes 1-2 times a day especially at upper arm, upper leg and abdominal. For the best result, should apply together with exercise and proper food having.